Useful links (Ghent, English)
ImageUse-it is a tourist information office for foreign students.
They are specialised in giving practical information to exchange students.
You can find information about sport facilities, shopping, eating, going out, emergencies, GP’s, pharmacists, international papers,…
There is also a city map
The office of use-it is located very close to our school: Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 21
Definitely worth a visit!
The official website of the city Ghent. You can find information about tourism, monuments, history of Ghent.
Information for students coming to Belgium (also leaving from Belgium).
The Student Travel guide deals with subjects like health insurance, reasons to study in Belgium, working in Belgium, history of Belgium, accommodation and travel information. Furthermore, some useful links can be found on the site.
General information about Ghent, sightseeing, history of Ghent, useful information and a map of Ghent.
The original Belgian fries website, facts about Belgian fries.