VISA requirements

Lithuania, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands:
o Less than 90 days: identity card
o Over 90 days: documents and regulations governing higher education

o Less than 90 days: passport and visa
o Over 90 days: same documents and regulations governing higher education + passport and visa

Documents and general regulations governing higher education:

In order to receive authorisation for temporary residence, an individual planning to come to Belgium to study will be required to provide the Belgian Embassy or Consulate in your country with:
o a fully completed application form (provided by the local diplomatic or consular authorities)
o an admission or enrolment certificate for one of the recognised higher education establishments, grant-maintained or organised by the authority, or an application for an equivalence certificate for a diploma or certificate conferred abroad (only required for French Community education). The entry certificate or enrolment certificate must cover a full-time course of study (fewer hours are acceptable if the interested party can prove that this course of study will represent his/her main activity and will be used to prepare or complement another full-time course of study);
evidence that the person applying to study in Belgium has sufficient means of support. This evidence may be established by the following documents:
- a certificate issued by either an international organisation or a national authority, or by a Belgian or foreign legal person with a sufficient level of income. The certificate must state that the aspiring foreign student has received or will soon receive a grant or loan that is sufficient to cover his/her health care, subsistence, studies and repatriation expenses
- a declaration in respect of the Belgian State and in respect of the student, signed by a Belgian or alien with a sufficient level of income, in which the said person undertakes to accept responsibility for the subsistence, study and repatriation expenses of the foreign student for not less than one academic year
o a medical certificate issued by a doctor approved by the embassy, stating that the foreign student is not suffering from certain illnesses and does not have certain disabilities
o if the interested party is over 21, a certificate of good conduct and a document certifying that he/she has not been convicted of any criminal act under common law
o Visa applicants must be aware that the documents referred to only constitute the basic document that have to be submitted in every case. Other additional documents may be required by the Belgian diplomatic or consular representation, taking into account the circumstances relating to the file or to the specific context of the applicant’s country of origin.
The interested party must obviously have a travel document (passport) valid for at least one year.