Innovation (3 ects)

Focus on Continuous Improvement is one of the main five factors explaining why High Performance Organizations (HPOs) outperform non-HPOs [Andre de Waal, Management Online Review, 2008].  And not surprisingly, Kaplan and Norton include the innovation dimension in their Business Balanced Scorecard as a fundamental condition for achieving sustained customer satisfaction and profits.

Innovation is probably one of the oldest processes ever started. And it will never stop. Why? Because the environment in which organizations do business is continuously changing. In many ways, and at a constantly increasing pace! Therefore, the innovation of processes, products and services is crucial to the survival of organizations. Some 80 percent of the products we are expected to buy in about 10 years are not available yet…

The classes on innovation will teach you how to stimulate, manage and implement innovation processes. It is about how to generate ideas and how to develop them into successful business propositions. The classes cover the innovation concept and the reason why organizations should innovate at all. Subsequently, the management of innovation and innovation strategies will be dealt with. Furthermore, students learn how organizations can increase their innovation capacity (culture).  Finally, metrics concerning the innovation process will be discussed.