Live your passion to the full and succeed in your projects

    Making commitments to an associative project
    Getting involved in the heart of the action
    Being…yourself, unique
    Accepting responsibilities
    Accepting differences and difficulties
    Managing a team

From humanitarian mission to sailing races, from photographic exhibitions to cultural trips to China, from theatre to rugby matches… each student contributes to making our school a place of exchanges, enrichment an accomplishment, where IDRAC’s cornerstone values are strongly present: Believing in the potential of each person, developing it and offering every student the possibility of “Becoming remarkable”

…through working with associations

Getting involved in association work means living intense experiences with other students, leading to the creation, development and implementation of projects that you feel strongly about.
It also means facing professional realities while enjoying the support of IDRAC. Students are accompanied at every stage of their projects.

Student associations
Elected annually by the IDRAC student body, the Student Council plays a leading role in the life of the school. Amongst other events, it organizes the ANNUAL GALA, which takes place after the diploma ceremony, to celebrate our young graduates’ entry into the professional world.

The Sports Council runs the school’s sporting activities, making sports halls, equipment and supervision available. This means everyone can use their surplus energy by playing basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton or tennis and even a little rock dancing!

The Junior Enterprise IMC-ACTIMA works as a real micro company with the aim of acting as interface between students and entrepreneurs in order to offer students different missions:
Carrying out marketing studies and market surveys, and export missions
Carrying out direct marketing actions (tract distribution, tele-marketing, hyper/supermarket operations…)
Today, the association can call on a network of more than 153 companies.