Intercultural leadership and team work with marketplace strategic marketing game
This course is part of the training Bachelor in Business Management.



Course level

Course prerequisites (start competences)
working knowledge of English

Course description & goals (final competences)
The objective of this module is to improve students’ multicultural competencies in diverse work group setting.  Often the challenges in International Business arise from gaps in multicultural competencies.  Students are introduced to the principles behind leadership and management in multicultural settings, and also participate in a strategic marketing game.  The game teams are composed of students from varying nationalities, and provides a concrete, real-life setting to examine the dynamics of Intercultural team work and leadership.

The Marketplace strategic marketing game is designed to develop business leadership and management skills. It requires strategic thinking and team dynamics while using a combination of strategic business instruction, compelling market challenges, and a true-to-life simulation.

The hallmarks to the Marketplace learning methodology are:
* in-depth treatment of key functional areas of business,
* heavy emphasis on the interconnectedness of the business disciplines,
* continuous application of strategic planning and execution skills,
* strong emphasis on leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills

Final competences:
The student will be able to work more productively in a multicultural group setting.
The student will develop leadership and management skills

Table of contents
(final table of contents will be presented when the teaching resources are determined)
Teaching method:
class discussions on cases
marketing simulation

Teaching method


Course material
Deresky, International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures
Guirdham, Communicating Across Cultures at Work

Examination and assessment method
Case assignment and exercises      15%
Written examination      50%
Participation     10%
Simulation with peer evaluation    25%

Grading: A (excellent) B (very good) C (good) D (satisfactory) E (sufficient) and F (failed)


Information lecturer

Mr Jeff Salahub, M.Sc. (Econ, Mktg) – Simulation part