Cross-cultural management and international negotiation

International Negotiations and Cross-cultural Management (3 ects)


Tough negotiating has to take place in the supply chain, resulting in a positive win-win situation. Not only commercial calculations and financial management are the major aspects in which a business manager must excel, the right negotiation techniques are key factors for success too.

However, there is more to be aware of. Internationalization and globalization require expertise with regard to intercultural aspects. One enormous market without frontiers does seem fantastic, but one tends to forget that these frontiers are there for historical and cultural reasons that cannot be eliminated so easily. Insight to cultural differences are key conditions for successful international negotiations.

The sense of time and time scheduling, hierarchy, clothing, gestures, meetings and greetings…there are differences worldwide. If you fail to recognize these differences, your Belgian business partner may not answer anymore, the friendly people from Italy could become quite detached, and the Chinese ‘yes’ will suddenly turn into an ice cold ‘no’.