International Business Management

This course is part of the training Bachelor in Business Administration.

Code: Man 4001


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PREREQUISITESContent of Instructor DESCRIPTION:Objectives: The objective of this course is to form a basic frame of international business environment. The course discusses driving forces in international trade and industry, international business transactions, examines the formulation of global business strategies, presents operational management of the global firm and looks over the future developments of international business environment. Learning Outcomes:1-       To be able to understand international business environment2-       To be able to plan implement international business entry strategies.3-       To be able to use international trade terminology Contents:Social, cultural, political, legal and technological environment of multinational business, emphasizing host-government-multinational corporation interface. Terminology, trade uses and practicing conditions essential for successful business operation,s including procedures, documentation and legal requirements, Physical movement of goods in international business. TEACHING AND LEARNING METHODS:The course is designed on a lecture and case/issue discussion basis. Students will prepare a term paper on selected topics as an individual or joint research assignment. Students are also required to contribute all in-class studies including case analysis and presentation of assignment. TEXTBOOK: International Business, C. L. Hill,  NY, McGraw-Hill Inc., 2001, 3rd edition. ASSESSMENT: Midterm Exam               40%Final Exam                    60%Total                            100%


Prof. Dr. Mustafa TANYERI