What kind of students do we expect?
We expect the exchanged RIBA students have the following start competences:

  • At least in their second or third year of their bachelor training (having at least acquired 120 ECTS)
  • A theoretical commercial/business/management/economics/business administration background
  • Familiar with the basic concepts of finance, marketing, economics and law
  • Fluent in English (CEF-level B1 or B2)
  • Able to work with Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint) and the Internet (search engines and email)
  • Able to do research, make analyses and work on papers, assignments and case studies independently
  • Able and willing to work in team
  • Enthusiast, willing to learn
  • Interested in recent political and European developments
  • Open minded
  • Flexible
  • Critical, yet not arrogant
  • Willing to function in a multicultural environment
  • Aware of the importance of an international experience
  • Interactive
  • Dynamic
  • Motivated and not easily giving up
  • Have an own opinion, but also able to listen to others

The start competences (the knowledge, skills, attitudes you need BEFORE you enter the RIBA module) and final competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes AFTER having finished the RIBA module) for every separate partner institution and module can be found under RIBA approach.