School facilities

Internet facilities
Copy shop
Language courses

Internet facilities:

Upon arrival in Rotterdam you will receive a computer account. With this account you will be able to work with the computers in the Hogeschool Rotterdam buildings and make use of e-mail and internet.

Copy shop:

At each location of Hogeschool Rotterdam, a copy shop called Cendris is located. The copiers in the buildings are available to all users. Payment is by means of your chip card. For printing theses, reports, A3 copies, colour copies, overhead sheets, etc. you can contact the Cendris service centre.


The Municipal Library has a vast collection of books, audio-visual materials, periodicals and newspapers. You can also reserve one of the many study rooms (including a piano study room) where you can study undisturbed and in peace for a few hours. At the Erasmus University Library there is a computer catalogue linked to the one of the Municipal Library.