Cost of living

Most students can live on a budget of 500 Euro, covering all basic living expenses, including accommodation. This will not allow for luxuries, very many social activities, or the costs of maintaining a car.

Rooms or apartments cost between 180 and 400 Euro per month per person, including utilities. The Housing Office provides the service of assisting individual students to find accommodation, either in the new student dormitory or private lodgings, varying from a furnished single room with facilities for self catering to a shared flat or an unfurnished flat with kitchen and bathroom. Some accommodation is within walking distance of the university, but others must be reached by public transport. Subsidised lunches are served in the student restaurant. Meals and grocery costs are reasonable (somewhat cheaper than in America). Most books that you need for your courses can be borrowed from the library, but still you should budget 150 Euro per year for books and other course materials.