Job information

The Career Centre helps you to find your place in the job market. The Career Service is a mediator between job market and university and therefore collaborates with various companies, the university, graduates and students.

The Career Service can help you to improve your competitiveness on the job market via seminars and a set of lectures and presentations from various companies.

Another important task of the Career Service is finding
o internships
o companies where students can write their diploma thesis
o jobs for graduates

This data is collected in a database which is regularly updated and made accessible for students (“Online-Karrierebörse”).

Working regulations
Students coming from an EU member state do not need to apply for a work permit. Students not coming from an EU country have to apply for work permission if they want to start a job, which takes longer than 90 days per calendar year (or 180 half days with up to 4 hours work).
If you need further information, please contact the Labour Office (“Arbeitsagentur”) in Deggendorf. The telephone number is +49 (0) 991 3101-0.

How to get a job
If you are looking for a job, the Labour Office might help. Sometimes you can also find job announcements on the bulletin board in the university. In general, part-time jobs for students are scarce and not easy to find.