General city information

With about 35,000 inhabitants, Deggendorf is one of the smaller towns in Germany. However, it is a perfect location for students.

This is why…

ImageThe average motorist only needs about one hour to depart into the world beyond from the international airport outside of Munich, Franz-Josef-Strauss. It sometimes takes Munich people longer than this to reach the airport. Regensburg, Passau, the Czech Republic - Deggendorf's central location in eastern Bavaria is unbeatable.

The unusual location of the city has given Deggendorf its second name: Gateway to the  Bavarian Forest. The wooded hills rise up from the town square with its wide market streets, the Old Townhall and its imposing Gothic tower. Cartographers have measured an altitude of 305 meters above sea level at the town houses and medieval battlement. Up above, on Breitenauer Riegel mountain, it is 1,114 meters above sea level. What other city can come up with such differences in altitude?

Deggendorf is an economic centre in southeast Bavaria. The city is the site for companies which have contacts with the rest of the world. High-tech "made in Deggendorf" is a special trademark and no mere slogan, but rather reality. The inland free port is a special factor adding to the city's attractive location. Along with Duisburg, it is unique in Germany. Since 1994, the city has also had the University of Applied Sciences whose positive impact will continually be felt in many areas in the future.

Very typical is the traditional Bavarian clothing is. It is still acceptable to wear this kind of clothes on official occasions like weddings, festivals, etc.
Germany's climate is almost as varied as its country. Extreme temperature lows and highs are rare. Winter temperatures vary from west to east, with about freezing temperatures in the west and well below freezing in eastern Germany. Summer temperatures are typically between 20 and 30°C, with more rainfall during the summer.
Frequent changes of weather make prognosis difficult. To be on the save side take a sweater or weather protection with you.