University of Apllied Sciences Deggendorf

ImageThe Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences is a newly founded, modern university situated in Lower Bavaria, the south-east part of Germany. The university first opened in 1994. All of the buildings of the university are constructed around a central atrium, joined together in a parkland site just outside the city centre, right next to the Danube River.

The mission of the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences is to offer
o high quality education of practical relevance to the present and future needs of  our changing society
o specialist short courses to meet the particular needs of industry and regional companies and special services to facilitate the technology transfer from research environment into industrial practice
o an excellent student teacher ratio to intensify direct contacts and communication
o international liaison to schools and individuals in countries all over the world and to facilitate international exchange and cooperation

ImageThe Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences is a practice-oriented university. This means that the study programmes are based on modern science, but emphasise how these principles are actually applied in industry.

The university offers courses in 9 departments: Civil Engineering, Business Studies, Electronic Engineering, International Management, Business Administration, Media Technology, Business Informatics and Systems and Management.
If you enter RIBA, you will become a student of the International Management Department. The department aims at highly motivated students who want to enter and succeed in the international market. The programme combines a broad-based international training and a theoretical knowledge with practical experience in an international atmosphere. The program will prepare students for a management career with enterprises that market, trade, invest or otherwise do business throughout the world.

Some Key Aspects:
o Your professors and instructors are well-qualified academics, have worked in industry and maintain close contacts with business leaders. They help you bridge the gap between theory and practice.
o Case studies and practical problems are emphasised in class.
o Teamwork is encouraged in the classroom and group projects are supported.
o Guest speakers from various industries are invited regularly to make presentations.
o Students are encouraged to write a diploma thesis on a topic of interest to potential employers.

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