EU/EEA citizens are entitled to the same social welfare benefits in Finland as Finns. Therefore, students who are citizens of the EU/EEA countries are advised to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (that has replaced the E128 form) or in some countries other valid form from the social service authorities in their home country before arriving in Finland.
Students from the Nordic countries do not need the card. If you do not have the card/form or if you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country and do not have an insurance policy, you will be charged full cost of the services. All exchange students should have medical insurance.
Finnish national medical insurance does not cover costs of repatriation for example.
Satakunta Polytechnic is not responsible for any medical charges incurred by its students. When the student needs medical care, he is supposed to contact the health centre of his Pori.
If you require medical treatment during evenings or weekends, you will need to go to the emergency service at the main health centres or hospitals. No appointment is needed. There is a fee of about € 10 - € 22 for these visits.
If you come from outside the EU/European Economic Area, it is strongly advised that you have a private insurance policy which covers the costs of acute illness and injuries.
As a basic principle, you are not covered by the national health insurance policy. The municipalities, who are responsible for arranging the basic medical care in Finland, have the right to charge the market price for the care. The cost can be very high. However, in this case too, the student should contact the health centre of his own area. No appointment is needed. Finland has reciprocal agreements for the public medical care with some countries outside European Union. Please check before departure if your country is among them. Naturally, the private clinics are also available for medical care, especially if you are covered by a private insurance policy. No special vaccinations are required for entry into Finland. It is however recommended that you are vaccinated against tetanus, polio and diphtheria.
For more information on the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, see
Address of health care service in Pori:
Porin Mielenterveysseura (Mental Health Association in Pori)
Tel: (02) 641 2777
Telephone hours daily: 17.00-21.00