Student Club

ImageThere are a number of student clubs in Pori. The purpose of the student clubs is to work for students, and to improve and safeguard their benefits, especially relating to studying and social matters. The clubs of different schools co-operate with each other and with lecturers. They look after the official side of student’s rights and well-being. The student clubs arrange meetings, social activities, educational visits and entertainment like sport happenings.
Usually the student clubs offer extra benefits to their own members like cheaper prices at cafeterias. You get also discount (50 %) from long distance buses and trains with a valid SAMOK student card, which you can get from your local Student club.

If you are interested in working in student clubs or you’re interested in joining one, please ask for more information from your own school’s student club. Below you’ll find some information about the student club of your department.

Porin Liiketalouden Opiskelijat ry. Polte (Business and Administration Students)
o arranges sport activities
o arranges happenings during evening time
o has a person responsible for international affairs

For more information, contact:
Tiedepuisto 3, 28600 PORI
Tel. (02) 620 3828