RIBA approach
RIBA Approach of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Organisation and focus of the RIBA module

The RIBA (Raising International Business Awareness) module organized by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in the first semester of the academic year, is characterized by the following aspects:
- The module consists of 6 courses including for example project work &case studies
- In total, 30 ECTS are offered
- The module is offered in the first semester of the academic year (for the exact dates, please check the folder School – Academic Calendar)
- The module is open to foreign and domestic students, as to allow both parties to be involved in internationalization and to meet different cultures

RIBA approach of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences:

The goal of RIBA module SAMK is that the student learns how the SME’s companies operate in the international level. Also the student learns the requirements of the entrepreneur and employees when the SME’s companies are becoming more international.
The Finnish RIBA module has a strong emphasis doing business in Finland and in the Nordic countries, and in some extends also in the Russian markets. After taking part into the Finnish RIBA module the student’s cultural business awareness has been developed into a higher level. The student learns to understand the complexity of business life and labour market, both in Finland and neighbouring countries, and also in the EU. The understanding of Nordic dimensions in doing business at multicultural markets is a valuable tool in the future for the student.
Student learns how to solve problems in the international contest. The business game is used as a tool to give practice in decision making situations. In the project works the students use the knowledge and experiences they have learned during the RIBA courses.
The co-operation with SME’s companies from the Satakunta region gives a special attractiveness and a feeling of hands-on experience for the RIBA module of SAMK.

If you would like to participate in RIBA, you should at least have acquired some start competences (i.e. the knowledge, skills, attitudes you need BEFORE you enter the RIBA module) and you will have acquired final competences (i.e. knowledge, skills, attitudes AFTER having finished the RIBA module). Below you can find these competences in detail:

Start competences
- This module is open to second and third year Business, Finance and Accounting, and Marketing students. - - Student should also know the basics of Project Management.
- Student must have satisfying English skills.
- Student must be able to work both by him/her self and with the team.
- Student should be able to express their opinions while at the same time being able to listen to the others

- Student must have the interest to get to know other cultures, and be explicit about cultural differences of dealing things.
- Student should be open-minded.
- Student should have modest and realistic expectations about living in Finland
- Student must be able to be responsible for him/her self and his/her own actions

Final competences 
- Finnish RIBA-module develops the student’s cultural business awareness.
- The student understands the complexity of business life and labour market both in Finland (and its neighbor countries) and in the EU.
- The understanding of Nordic dimension in doing business at multicultural markets
- Students learn how to solve problems in the international contest
- The student acquires the knowledge of the legal framework for employment contracts in Finland.
- The student learns the collective bargaining system and the role of trade unions in Finnish labour market
- The student gets acquainted with an insight of the framework of EU labour law and the role of the employers´ and employees´ associations in EU. The student learns how the EU labour legislation affects in Finland.
- The students will understand the complexity of new challenges facing the national labour market.
- The students will be able to place the Finnish and European labour market in a bigger global picture.
- The student will learn to how to make decisions in SME’s companies and how to evaluate the consequences of the decisions.
- The student will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in real companies.

Overview courses and ECTS of RIBA module at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences




Corporate culture in Finland compared to neighbouring countries Sweden and Russia 


Access to legislation and practice in Finnish labour market


Intercultural leadership and team work with marketplace strategic marketing game


Economical environment


Project work


Starting International business