Accommodation arranged by SOVOARTE, the social service of UC Arteveldehogeschool Ghent.
Own arrangements

Accommodation arranged by SOVOARTE, the social service of UC Arteveldehogeschool Ghent.

What do you have to do and what is the procedure we use?

1. You can apply online, starting June 15 2011 : It is of extreme importance that the date and hour of arrival and departure are mentioned correctly. You also mention what type of room/studio you would like to rent.

Please read all the information about housing in Gent on:

REMARK: if the rooms/studios of SOVOARTE do not meet your requirements, you are responsible for finding alternative accommodation (on the private market) yourself. Please be aware that finding accommodation on the private market is quite difficult, since most owners are not eager to take on tenants that only stay a couple of months.

The housing office of SOVOARTE sends you an email to confirm your application and will also take care of the booking of the room you selected.
3. You deposit the rent guarantee of €150 + two months rental fee on the bank account of SOVOARTE vzw, Kortrijksepoortstraat 254, B-9000 Gent - BELGIUM, number 737-0123743-14.
ATTENTION: if you rent a room for less than 2 months, you also deposit 2 months of rental fee in advance. If you rent a room for longer than 2 months, you deposit at least 2 months of rental fee in advance.
4. The housing office will send you a confirmation mail once payment has been received. Your room will only be assured and kept available once payment is done. If payment is done, but you cancel the renting before your arrival, the rental fee of two months (as deposited before) will be withheld as compensation for the lack of occupancy of the room.
5. Once you have arrived (not on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday or collective holidays), please contact the housing office immediately to inform them you have arrived: SOVOARTE, Kortrijksepoortstraat 254, 9000 Gent.
During this first meeting with the people from the housing office you will be given the rent contract. Please read it carefully and sign if you agree with the conditions mentioned. You will receive the key to your room/studio only if the contract is signed.
6. In order to pay the monthly rental fees of the following months, you need to sign in with the housing office of SOVOARTE at the beginning of every month, Kortrijksepoortstraat 254, 9000 Gent. You can pay the rental fees in cash (you will be given a receipt) or by using credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO).

You sign the rent contract: your rights and duties!
o You are subjected to the stipulations mentioned in the rent contract. It is in your advantage to read the contract carefully before signing it. For instance: the contract states that you have to pay two months of rental fee, to compensate for the lack of occupancy, in case you leave the room before the end date of the rental period, as indicated in the contract. The contract also clearly mentions you can only pay for the room/studio in full months, and not per week or per day!
o In case of any problems concerning accommodation, you report them immediately to the housing office. For instance, if something is damaged or if you have noticed odour nuisance,…
o If you wish to stay longer than you had initially planned or agreed upon in the rent contract, a prolongation of the rent contract is possible if the room is still available and after having made an appointment with the housing office of SOVOARTE to discuss this matter.

End of the rent contract: how do you get back you rent guarantee?
You contact the housing office of SOVOARTE:
This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or0478 /22.25.16 (mobile phone) or 09/269.60.61 (office).
You make an appointment with the housing office so the room can be inspected on the day of your departure. If the room is cleaned, the duvet and pillow are washed and the furniture is not damaged, the rent guarantee will be given to you in cash.

Important Remarks
There is a list with the ‘house rules’ in every house where the housing office offers rooms/studios for rent. The house rules contain the rules to be applied when living in the building. For instance: every house has its own rules concerning the sorting and collection of garbage. Please read these documents carefully and apply the rules indicated.
Please be aware of the fact that it is not easy, as a foreign student, to do a temporary job or earn some extra money. If you are afraid you will not be able to pay for your room in Ghent, please ask advice from the competent authorities in your home country.

Own arrangements
You can also try to find student accommodation on your own if you do not like the possibilities of the SOVOARTE housing office.

General information
The city of Ghent has plenty of suitable student accommodation. Students can rent a room in a private student house or share an apartment with other students.
You can make your own choice depending on your personal preferences and the expectations you have about your stay. The campuses of the UC Arteveldehogeschool Ghent are spread around the city, and are easily accessible by public transport.
The rental price of a furnished student room in Gent is about €200/month. 'Studios' or apartments are more expensive. Costs for water, electricity supplies and heating are usually not included in this price. Bed linen and towels are not provided by the landlord, cooking utensils are not always either.

Making your own arrangements (< private student housing)
All students in Ghent can consult the database, called KOTATGENT, a joint initiative of the City of Ghent and all higher education institutions in Ghent.
It contains detailed information on available rooms, studios, apartments and houses in Ghent.  
The database is available in Dutch, French, English and German.

If you cannot make yup your mind immediately as far as accommodation is concerned, you can always spend the first nights in a youth hostel or ( or a low budget hotel for the first few nights in Ghent.
At the website of the City of Ghent you can find information on hotels and tourist accommodation in Ghent.  

We recommend you to download an complete this form to inform us about your exact date of arrival and departure and some other useful information re-accommodation.

Student housing for short periods is a big problem in Ghent, but we try to arrange housing for all our incoming ERASMUS-students if we receive this form in time and you take contact with SOVOARTE (“see important information”).

It is our policy to accommodate incoming students as much as possible in the rooms of our outgoing students. This ensures the best integration possible, even though perhaps the quality of rooms is not always comparable to that of your home country. However, most students have always appreciated this approach. The average price of a room in Ghent is + 220 EUR. Even though we try to look for the best possible solution, we can not guarantee that we can take all your wishes into account.

If requested somebody can collect you from the train station (if you arrive during office hours).