Cost of living

How much money do you need in order to survive in Vilnius? Remember, in Lithuania the currency is litas, no euro!
(1 euro=3.4528 litas, how to calculate: litas/3.4528 = amount in euro)

Prices for accommodation per month:
The rent for the flat with one room: from 1200 litas, with two rooms: from 1500 litas, with three rooms: from 2000 litas
+ taxes for the heating, cold water, hot water, electricity around 350 litas.

Public transport:
o A monthly ticket for trolleybuses and buses costs 12 litas if you have a Lithuanian student card. If not, the monthly ticket costs 65 litas.
o A one way ticket by minibuses costs 2.00 litas.
o 1 km in a taxi costs from 1.50 to 3.00 litas. The price depends on the taxi company. It is cheaper to call a taxi instead of taking one in the street.

Raw meat 15 litas/kilo
Smoked meat 20 litas/kilo
Fish 20 litas/kilo
Vegetables 3 to 10 litas/kilo
Fruit 3 to 10 litas/kilo
Bread  10  litas/kilo
Chocolate 12 to 30 litas/kilo



A ticket per person costs between 5 and 15 litas.



A ticket per person costs between 20 and 150 litas.



A ticket per person costs between 20 and 200 litas.