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For students, RIBA aims at:

  • Raising their international business awareness by giving the students the chance to experience business life and business culture in other European member states
  • Raising their international business awareness by giving the students the chance to get into contact with other theoretical approaches concerning management, business and administration
  • Allowing students the freedom of choosing an institution, opting for the intrinsic value of the module rather than the locality
  • Allowing students to be introduced to new didactical approaches in other European higher education institutions
  • Preparing for and showing students the importance of life long learning
  • Preparing the participating students to live and work in a European and multicultural environment, free from the prejudices sometimes preventing a fruitful co-operation
  • Allowing them to overcome the traditional Erasmus barriers by offering them complete transparency into the course contents, didactical methods, and evaluation methods.
  • Improving their English skills, not only during the courses, but also by ‘learning by doing’
  • Bringing the students into contact with various cultures and nationalities (from all RIBA partner institutions), showing them the importance and benefits of a multicultural society
  • Allowing the students to get a good grasp of the way in which a country and its business life deals with the European reality
  • Allowing the students to get a good grasp of country and culture specific aspects so as to integrate quickly in the host country
  • Allowing domestic students to integrate with the foreign students and therefore increasing the Internationalisation-at-Home experience.
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