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Social service
Bike rental
Laptop rental
Internet facilities
Language courses

Social service:

SOVOARTE (social services Arteveldehogeschool) offers you a wide range of student services so that every student is able to study and develop him/herself 'carefree' and in the best circumstances.
You are always welcome at the SOVOARTE support centres with all your questions, requirements and wishes. The staff guarantees information, advice and assistance for all possible aspects of student life: practical information, financial questions, emotional and relationship problems, social-legal topics, sports and cultural activities, etc…

For more information you can contact : Anske Verhaaren
Voetweg 66, 9000 Gent

Tel: +32 (0) 9 234 71 49

Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

And why don't you click on for up-to-date information, useful and fun links.

Bike rental:

ImageBecause Ghent is a real bikers’ city and most of the distances can easily be covered by bike, our social services, Sovoarte, offers you the possibility to rent a bike at a very reasonable price:
1 month: € 8
2 months: € 12
3 months: € 15
4 months: € 18
5 months: € 20
6 months: € 23

+ warrant: € 50 ( to be returned when the bike is handed in without considerable damage or repair costs)
For this price, you also get two locks and keys and free repair.

Students who would like to rent a bike:
o must have a student cart of Arteveldehogeschool
o must have an identity card
Contact VZW Studentmobiliteit
 Kattenberg 2
 9000 Gent
 Tel: +32 (0) 9 269 18 98
 Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Do NOT wait until October to rent a bike as bike rental is extremely popular among students!

You can also try to find a second-hand bike on the Flea market (second-hand clothes, furniture and bicycles) at St.-Jacobs / Beverhoutplein.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 08.00 - 13.00

Laptop rental:

Our social services department offers students the chance to rent a laptop at a very reasonable price:
1 month: € 37,5
3 months: € 100
6 months: € 175

+ € 50 warrant (to be returned if the computer is handed in)

If students are interested in renting a laptop, following guidelines should be taken into consideration:
o Students have to mail the RIBA-coordinator of Arteveldehogeschool asap to let her know they would like to rent a laptop. The coordinator will take an option on a laptop for the interested students
o We strongly recommend that students rent a laptop together, since most of the assignments are group assignments and because there are not enough laptops for all Artevelde students
o As soon as you arrive at our school, the students contact Anske Verhaaren(Social Services) to pick up the laptop, pay the rent in cash and sign the contract. Iris is at school as of 1 September.
She can be contacted at:

Voetweg 66, 9000 Gent

Tel: +32 (0) 9 234 71 49

Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

o Do NOT wait until the beginning of October to rent a laptop as laptop rental is extremely popular among students!

Internet facilities:

ImageYou can use the internet at the library of our school.

During the holidays, the library will be open from 8.30 until 16.30, but the exact dates of opening will be put on Dileahs, the digital learning platform of Arteveldehogeschool or mentioned by the local RIBA co-ordinator.

The library is definitely closed:
o during the weekends
o on official holidays
o during the official holiday periods of the school

There are also several internet cafes in the centre of Ghent where you can use the internet. Here are three of them:
Nederkouter 73
Opening hours: from Mondays to Thursday 11.00 – 23.00; closed on Fridays; Saturdays and Sundays 12.00 – 22.00. Open on public holidays.
Price: € 0,60

The Internetcafé 
Overpoort 9000
Open: every day from 12.00 to 24.00
Price: For 0 to 10 minutes you pay €0,50, for half an hour €1,50 and for an hour € 2,50.

Public Library
Graaf van Vlaanderenplein 40 (at the Zuid)
Tel: +32 (0) 9 266 70 27 (for reservation, especially on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday)
Opening hours:
Mondays to Thursdays from 10.00 - 19.00
Fridays and Saturdays  from 10.00 - 17.00
Closed on Sundays
Price: You can surf here for free, but therefore, you have to subscribe at the library, in the entrance hall. Subscription is for free, but non-Belgians have to pay € 12,40 security. Surfing time is restricted to one hour.
More internet saloons can be found on

Place take into account that the above mentioned prices can be changed.

Language courses:

The UCT (University Centre of Languages) of the University of Ghent offers Dutch courses especially for Erasmus and Socrates students.
The courses start at the beginning of October, last for 10 weeks and a handbook will be provided.
The course consists of 30 teaching hours and 30 hours for self-study and coaching by teacher. The cost is € 278.

More details:
o This basic course pays special attention to self-motivation, interactive learning and the environment of the student. This course does not only contain class sessions, but also self-study materials with varied, challenging, and practical exercises, etc. the complete course is designed so that students can learn the Dutch language in a very thorough and efficient way.
o Speaking skills: there is a lot of room for conversation, as students also have self-study materials to acquire Dutch speaking skills on a personal basis. By means of conversation and interaction new words and grammatical items are immediately put into practice. This will enable you to have short and simple conversations in everyday interaction between students. This course is adapted to the daily life of students.
o Listening skills: by listening to simple texts you get familiar with the Dutch standard language.
o Reading skills: reading simple, short texts on day-to-day items enables you to use the Dutch language immediately in class as well as outside the lessons. Leaflets, course schedules, time table, and so on are used to introduce new structures and words. At the same time speaking is practised, because the different skills are combined just like in daily life.
o Writing skills: the everyday language activities are also practised in writing. At the end of the course you can introduce yourself in writing, you can write a short invitation, etc. In short, you can also put into practice the acquired knowledge in writing.
o More information: or This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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