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Belgian specialties
Pubs and clubs
Cultural activities

Belgian specialties:

Belgian specialities are chocolates, Tierenteyn mustard, Bruggeman gin, “kletskoppen” (cookies), “babbeluten” (“Gentse stropkes”) and “katrienspekken” (candy).

ImageAnd especially, the Belgian fries! All over Belgium, you can find “frietkoten” (fry stands). Fry stands remain the cheapest option for a solid meal and you can find them all over Ghent. The most suitable sauce for a real Ghent pack of fries is “stuuvraasaase mee mayonnaise”, a mixture of carbonade and mayonnaise. Delicious!
Here are some city classics where you can go and taste the Belgian Gold:

De Gouden Sate (Bij Julien) on Sint-Pietersplein
Bij Filip on the Groentenmarkt
De Frietketel, Papegaaistraat 79
Frituur Jozef, Vrijdagsmarkt (at Artevelde’s right hand side)

Why are they called “French fries”?
Let’s make this clear, it is not because they are from France. The explanation is quite simple. In English ‘to french’ means (or at least meant) ‘to cut into lengthwise pieces’. So French Fries is short for ‘frenched and fried potatoes’.

Ghent has some specialties of its own, like chicken waterzooi, waterzooi of river fish, hotchpotch, stew, young rabbit with prunes, jugged hare and mutton rouge!
Maybe, you do not know what exactly those specialties are, well… then you have to try them out in one of the restaurants in Ghent.

Furthermore, Ghent is known for its regional beers available in the many pubs, some of which offer up to 200 different kinds of beer.


You can have lunch or dinner in one of our student restaurants.
Warning:Take your student card with you! Without your card, you will pay three times as much for the same meal!
Price of a meal (soup, drink, main course) with student card is around € 4 to 5 €.

All over Ghent, there are several student restaurants, but the ones closest to our school are:

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 15
9000 Gent
Open from 11.20 until 14.00 and from 19.30 until 21.00
Offers: salads, snack food, hot dishes (daily special vegetarian and normal), sandwiches,…

Stalhof 2
9000 Gent
Open from 11.20 until 14.00
Offers: hot dishes of all kinds, (meat, fish, vegetarian,…), salad bar and sandwiches,…

Pubs and clubs:

Ghent offers a wide variety of pubs and clubs. You’ll find traditional smokey pubs, trendy bars, student hangouts and hip wine bars all next to each other.

Here are some places in Ghent you can go to, but there are definitely more spots you will find when exploring the nightlife of Ghent yourself!

ImageThe Overpoortstraat, a street in the centre of Ghent, is the Mekka of nightlife for many students. It has a large number of typical student pubs, that are especially very crowded on Thursdays! Decadance is a nightclub in the street that has gained quite a reputation in Ghent. The party continues until late in the morning.

ImageThe Oude Beestenmarkt is a square with hip pubs and small clubs for dancing and drinking. There is Club 69 with disco, funk and soul music in a cutting edge design and fancy people. Right next to Club 69, you can find Chocolate Club and Video with free concerts every Wednesday. Café Bardot, also on the same square, stands for dancing and drinking cocktails!

Another square is the Vlasmarkt, there you will find Charlatan, a rock solid classic of Flanders’ alternative night life and Kinky Star, with a free show each Tuesday: sometimes cabaret, sometimes jazz, sometimes rock…

The Korenmarkt in the middle of the centre is a square where you can find Damberd, an intercultural jazzbar and 5 voor 12, a café to swing on house music.

The pub Hemelsbreed verschil (Stalhof 31-33) is the meeting point for foreign exchange students. The ceiling is plastered with old 7” singles and the pool table is ready for a game of eight or nine ball. Foreigners might find the free internet and email handy and useful.

Pink Flamigo’s is the ultimate theme bar of Ghent (Onderstraat 55). The Barbie doll chandeliers gives it away at the beginning as this bar revolves around very, very campy nostalgia.

ImageMosquito coast is an original travellers’ café in Ghent. It is situated in the heart of the city, Hoogpoort 28.

When you are in Belgium it is very important that you try as much Belgian beers as possible… Some typical pubs for beer lovers are Trappistenhuis (Brabantdam 164 – www.trappistenhuis.be), the beer list has the size of a telephone book and contains about 150 extensive descriptions concerning taste, colour, smell and appearance. The Prélude (Sint-Jabocs 13) , De Hopduvel (Rokerelstraat 10) and Waterhuis aan de Bierkant (Groentenmarkt 9) are other pubs that serve quite a number of different beers.

The Lammerstraat is definitely worth a visit, there are several pubs with a Latino flavour like Hasta Mañana, Gringo-Bar and Depot central.

Still no clue where to go to? There are three major going out and entertainment guides in Ghent.
Funky Belgium, a English going out guide with a comprehensive monthly list of live gigs, parties and festivals. Check out www.funkymaps.com.
Weekup offers a complete overview of the films playing at the cinemas, of parties, events and expositions of the moments. You can find in copy of Weekup in several pubs, record shops and at Use-it.
Zone 09/ is the free city magazine, it is in Dutch, but you can find an event calendar at the back of the magazine. You can find Zone 09/ in boxes along the streets, in the stores, gas stations…

These are only a few places in Ghent you can go to. Check out www.use-it.be to find more cool places or explore the night life of Ghent yourself!

Cultural activities:

Do you want to enjoy a movie, a theatre or opera performance?
You can see ‘What’s up’ on www.use-it.be or you can contact Iris Deslagmeulder for the so-called ‘Culture Cheques’.
These cheques cost € 15 and allow the students to enjoy 10 cultural events (of any kind), for  € 1,5 each!
The cheques can be bought as of the beginning of  the academic year. However, if you are interested, you’d better hurry up as many students are fond of these cheques…

Iris Deslagmeulder
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 51
Room 51.0.1 (first door on the right)
Tel: +32 (0) 9 269 16 51
Email: iris.deslagmeulder@sovoartebe

The city sparkles during all the year, just like the fountains in its many parks. Music, theatre, exhibitions, events and each year the internationally renowned film festival: you just can’t get bored in Ghent.

NTGent Schouwburg
Sint-Baafsplein 17

NTGent Minnemeers
Minnemeers 8

NTGent in Arca
Sint-Widostraat 3

Walpoortstraat 15

Tinnenpotstraat 21
Fratersplein 7
Kinepolis Gent
Ter Platen 12
Blekerijstraat 50
Art centres
Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
Studio Skoop
Sint-Annaplein 63
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 128
Kunstencentrum Nieuwpoorttheater
Nieuwpoort 31-35
Sint-Michielshelling 3




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