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ImageYou will become remarkable…

At IDRAC we believe  in the potential of each of our students, developing and enriching it, while requiring rigor, a sense of action and responsibility and openness to the contemporary world. The cornerstone of IDRAC for the past 20 years has been a specific teaching perspective based on a unique educational project. Beyond basic knowledge an know-how, this project develops life skills, attitude, behavior and a sense of ethics.
This educational program of action and responsibility is the key factor that has led to the successful integration of our students into the professional world. It explains why companies are eager to recruit our alumni for positions that entail a large degree of responsibility.

Our alumni are the great pride of IDRAC.

Today, IDRAC enjoys the benefits of a network of 7,500 alumni, who have settled in 40 countries all over the world. The alumni association provides regular information on developments in the school (linking publication: IDRAC News) and maintains information on everyone’s professional development.

In addition, alumni can use the recruiting consultancies that regularly collaborate with the school, as well as the work of IDRAC’s Careers service.
Different studies and surveys with students make it possible to monitor developments in the job market very accurately and this information is passed on to last year students
In collabroration with the school, the alumnus association regularly organizes seminars and lectures on topics such as employment, training, creating or taking over companies, etc.
Finally, the annual yearbook offers the possibility of finding advice and support in every field.

In keeping with IDRAC’s values and strategy, the Business School program has been designed to achieve balance between the major dimensions necessary for the training of high potential future company executives. This is greatly inspired by IDRAC’s educational project over the last 20 years: fundamental know-how, life-skills, missions with companies and life with an international dimension. and life with an international dimension. This spirit is omnipresent in the different phases of the program:
The acquisition of fundamental skills
The teaching of specialization (majors)
Obligatory periods abroad
Missions in companies

IDRAC’s mission is to train young, versatile, company executives, who can become rapidly operational in internationalized professional environments.

IDRAC regularly admits German, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish, American and Chinese students. A fundamental element underpinning IDRAC’s current international co-operation is the importance given to foreign language teaching. At the end of your course of studies, job interviews in a foreign language will no longer be an obstacle.

You will study 2 foreign languages, with a third on option. You can choose from a list of 10 languages on offer: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese and Arabic. You will work in groups of 5 to 20, which ensure personalized and effective monitoring. Classes dealing with international markets will be in both French and English.

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