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Access to legislation and practice in Finnish labour market PDF Print E-mail
This course is part of the training Bachelor in Business Management.



Course level

Course prerequisites (start competences)
working knowledge of English

Course description & goals
(final competences)
The course aims to give a general overview on Finnish labour market and its special features in European framework. The Finnish and Nordic system is characterized by high trade union density and collective bargaining coverage. The students will be able to understand the tripartite system of Finnish labour market and get insight to EU regulation. The students will also be able to identify in general the global questions of labour markets. As a parallel theme, the students will compare and reflect the information learned during the course to their knowledge of their own countries´ systems.

Final competences:
The student will get the basic knowledge of the legal framework for employment contracts in Finland.
The student will understand the collective bargaining system and the role of trade unions in Finnish labour market
The student will get an insight of the framework of  EU labour law and the role of the  employers´ and employees´ associations in EU. The student will be able to understand how the EU labour legislation affects in Finland.
The students will  understand the complexity of new challenges facing the national labour market.
The students will be able to place the Finnish and European labour market in a bigger global picture.

Table of contents

The labour market in Finland
the supply and demand of work
the structure of Finnish labour market
the cost of work and the taxation of work
Unemployment and social security

The legislation of the individual employment contracts in Finland
the formation of an employment contract
terminating an employment relationship and lay-off
the duties of employees and employers
working time and annual leave.
occupational safety
Women in Finnish labour market: gender equality regulations

Collective bargaining system
Collective agreements Act: generally applicable collective agreement and industrial peace. The legal effects of collective agreements.
What do generally binding collective agreements regulate
Comprehensive income policy agreements (TUPO) and the tripartite way of legislating
The role of trade unions in Finland: freedom of association, Associations.
The co-operation within  undertakings Act

The framework of EU law
- The selected legislation in the field of employment and social affairs: Free movement of labour and social security. Telework- framework agreement
- Associations: UNICE and EAY

Developing working life
Traditional performance of work versus “new work” meaning multi-skilling, team and project work, external labour force consisting of agency labour force, contract work and self-employment. eEurope initiative.

Global challenges in labour markets in brief
International labour markets, ILO and the global challenges of the undeveloped world in brief
Is the traditional Nordic approach still functional in a globalized world
Comparisons between the labour law of the students´ countries

Teaching method
class discussions on articles and selected issues
presentations on students´ own countries labour markets and legislation, comparisons and discussions on differences between various systems
a guest lecturer from a local company: how does Finnish system work in practice?
assignment on selected topic
individual study on written materials

Course material
To be noticed

Examination and assessment method
Presentation      25%
Assignment     25%
Written examination      50%
Case exercises 1 to 5     pass/fail

Grading: A (excellent) B (very good) C (good) D (satisfactory) E (sufficient) and F (failed)


Information lecturer
Mrs Katariina Heiskanen LL.M., MCL

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