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Organization and Management Today PDF Print E-mail
Code: Man 319


Course level

Course prerequisites (start competences)
Consent of the Instructor

Course description & goals (final competences)
The course focuses on discussion about changing role and nature of management in the modern business environment with special emphasis on selected topics of the management functions, processes or issues.

This course aims to elucidate the new challenges faced by managers prevailing in the 21st century.

Goals (final competences)
Students are expected to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the modern management and organization theories.

Students are expected to learn the new challenges of management
Students are expected to learn the paradigms of future
Students are expected to have up-to-date information on management concepts and theories.

Tentative Course Outline
1    Introduction
2    Defining Organization and Management Today.
Definition of the Present Organization and Management Paradigm.
3    Theoretical Foundations of Organization and Management Philosophy-1
Classical and Neo-Classical Management. Modernist Theory.
4    Theoretical Foundations of Organization and Management Philosophy-2
Symbolic-Interpretivism. Post-Modernism.
5    Decision Making and the Limitations of Rationality
Rational Decision Making Model. Changing Characteristics of Rationality.
6    Defining Planning and Strategy Creation in Today’s World
Planning and Strategy. Increasing Rate of Change in Business and Its Effect on Planning and Strategy Creation.
7    Technology and the Work Process Design in Information Age
Technology. Work Process Design. Applicability of the Classical Definitions of Technology and Work Process Design in Information Age.
8    Organizational Culture’s Role in an Age of Change and Diversity
Organization Culture. Effect of Globalization on the Cultural Structure.
9    Contemporary Issues in Leadership
Neo-Charismatic Leadership Theories. Effect of the Transformational Style.
10    Postmodern Business World
Question of Modernity in the Present Business World.
11    Innovativeness and Creativity
Innovation. Creativity. Critical Importance of These Concepts and Their Effect on Management Style.
12    Chaos vs. Management & Organization
Chaos Theory. Conceptual Contradiction between Chaos & Management and Organization. Implications of this Contradictory Structure.
13    Green Management
Green Management Style. Ecological Issues for the Survival of the Humanity.
14    Future Shock in Organization and Management
Projections of the Future of Organization and Management

Teaching method
General description
The extensive use of experiential exercises, cases and class discussion are essential, whereby students are strongly urged to actively participate in these discussions.

Course material
Related readings that will be announced by instructor.

Midterm exam    40%
Final Exam    40%
Term Project    20%
Total    100%


Lecturer and the Contact Address
Prof. Dr. Ömür N.T. Özmen
Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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