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Managing Strategic Changes PDF Print E-mail

This course is part of the training Bachelor in Business Administration.


Course level

Course prerequisites (start competences)
o Basic knowledge in Economics, Management and in Strategy concept
o Being open minded, critical.
o Aware of the importance of an international experience

Course description & goals (final competences)
The concept of strategic change and its importance for strategy implementation is explored. There is a distinction between organizational change, which happens in every organization and is inevitable, and strategic change, which can be managed.
The concepts of evolutionary and transformational change are clarified.
Prescriptive models of change are reviewed. Furthermore, the explicit links between strategic change process and managing changes of people are explored and students will learn to monitor transformational change on individual level.

Goals (final competences)
By the end of the module, students will be able:
o understand the nature of strategic change
o analyse the courses of change
o outline the main approaches to managing strategic change
o draw up a program of strategic change appropriate to the strategic task
o link a strategic change with the type of change required on the organizational and personal levels

Table of contents
1. The concept of strategic change and its importance for strategy implementation
2. Organization changes and strategic changes
3. The concepts of evolutionary and transformational change
4. Prescriptive models of change
5. Links between strategic change process and managing changes of people
6. Monitoring transformational change on individual level

Teaching method
General description
o Interactive lectures
o Workshops
o Class discussions
o Individual presentation
o Practical tasks
o Case studies

Course material
Material is distributed by the VVAM
Burnes B. 1996: Managing Change, 2nd edn, Pitman Publishing, London.
DuPont Pharma. 1996: Self – Mastery: A program for Self-Empowerment and Self-Management in stressful and changing times, Interesting projects Inc.
Hill Ch., Jones H. 2004: Strategic Management: an integrated approach, Houghton M. Company, Boston, New York.

Lynch R. 1997: Corporate Strategy, Pitman Publishing, London.
Teacher’s handout

Examination and assessment method
Three parts:
o Activity during the semester  20%
o Individual presentation    30%
o Exam    50%

o Exam and  presentation retake in January

Information lecturer
Ph.D Egidija Laumenskaite
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