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Finance Tools and Possibilities for Business PDF Print E-mail

This course is part of the training Bachelor in Business Administration.


Course level

Course prerequisites (start competences)
o Knowledge of English
o Basic in Finance Management and Accountant
o 3rd year students with business or office management background
o Being open minded
o Team player willing to function in a multicultural environment
o Knowing how important is the international experience

Course description & goals (final competences)
The course will deal with the key financial actualities of Lithuanian Enterprises and Finance tools, which could be available for enterprises in Lithuanian Financial market.
Students will visit a Lithuanian company for practical work.

Goals (final competences)
o The student will be able to understand the recent economic and financial situation in Lithuanian companies.
o The student will be able to understand the main reasons and developments concerning the Lithuanian companies’ behaviour and decision possibilities.
o The student will be able to find out the main financial tools for Lithuanian companies.

Table of contents
1. Types of Lithuanian companies
2. Possible financing sources in Lithuanian finance market.
3. Possibility of Lithuanian companies to use the available finance instruments and goods.

Teaching method
General description
o Traditional lectures
o Individual presentation of paper
o Visit to a company
o Project work on visited company basis

Course material
o Teachers handouts

Examination and assessment method
Three parts:
o Individual presentation 20 %
o Paper of 5 pages (team of 2 students) and it’s presentation 30%
o Exam 50%
Paper and exam could be retake and presented in January


Information lecturer
ImageLaima Kalinauskiene
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