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This course is part of the training Bachelor in Business Management.


Course level
Introductory or advanced

Course prerequisites (start competences)
Principles of Marketing; fundamental knowledge of Marketing
At least student in second year
students are able to do research, make analyses and work on papers, assignments independently
students are able to work in team
students are generally able to adapt to foreign cultures
students are able to contribute to discussions in English
students are able to fluently read and write English
students are willing to learn German and give the German/Bavarian culture a chance
enthusiast, willing to learn
open minded
critical, yet not arrogant
eager to function in a multicultural environment
longing for international experience
willing to give and receive feedback; able to cope with negative feedback
stress resistant
motivated and not easily giving up
having an own opinion, while at the same time being able to listen to others

Course description & goals (final competences)

Firms that do business across borders need to understand how to develop, market and manage global products.
This course provides the knowledge and skills that are necessary to develop and implement marketing strategies and programs in international contexts. It presents an integrative framework for global marketing strategies and broadens the basic marketing “tool kit”. It includes an analytical survey of the culture, institutions, functions, policies, and practices in international marketing.
A key goal of the course is for participants to gain a basic understanding of the mechanisms of international product management. Participants also learn the methodologies for successful international branding, foreign market entry and establishing and maintaining international sales channels.
Because international marketing decisions frequently require collecting, sifting, analyzing and interpreting market data, the methodology of international market research is also emphasized. A goal is to clarify the adjustments required for cultural influences.
The principles of international marketing and market research are integrated and applied with the help of a market research project. Participants select a concrete international marketing case related to product planning, promotion and branding, global sales or export channels. The participants develop market research instruments to help solve the case. The key goal here is to develop the participant’s capacity for independently applying scientific methods to solving international marketing problems.

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