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student accomodation

private accomodation

Student accomodation:

ImageThe dorm is only 5-7 minutes on foot to the university. It is made up of three buildings containing approximately 200 rooms.
Acquiring a room there can be difficult given the limited number of rooms and if you get one, you are required to stay there for a minimum of 6 months.
If you have applied, and failed to acquire a room, contacting the International Office may help.
Prices range from 200 EUR to 210 EUR. A deposit of two months rent is required.
The cheapest rooms available are the shared apartments, (3 bedrooms, a shower a toilet, a kitchen and a washroom)
The others are single rooms, self-contained.
All rooms are furnished (single bed, wardrobe, cupboards, a desk and chair)
NOTE: Bedding and kitchen utensils are not provided
At the moment, the Student Accommodation provides free access to the Internet if you bring your own PC or Laptop. There have been discussions about a fee for the students, which might be introduced soon.
There is a laundry with 4 washing and 4 drying machines. Washing costs 1, 50 EUR and drying 1,00 EUR.

Private accomodation:

Prices for private furnished rooms/apartments range from 180 to 350 EUR excluding meals and utility costs (35-80 EUR per month). Rent must be paid in advance even when you are away e.g. for holidays for several days or weeks. Most landlords ask for a deposit of between one and three months rent as bond. When you move out, the bond deposit plus the standard rate of interest for the period of tenancy will be refunded to you. If any damage has been done, the landlord is able to withdraw the sum required to repair it from the bond deposit.

Please be aware that you are not able to change your mind after arrival in Deggendorf. You must stay in the private apartment/room for the whole period of your stay once you have accepted it (especially for exchange students). The earliest date to move or change the accommodation arranged for you will be after 6 months.
The International office will try to ensure that all rooms are up to good standard of comfort and cleanliness, furnished and provide facilities for self-catering (cooking and washing).

It may help to send an email to the International Office, letting them know what sort of accommodation you would prefer. The following information will be needed as soon as possible:
o I will stay longer than 6 months and have applied for a room at the student's hostel
o I prefer private accommodation
o I prefer to have a flat of my own
o I prefer to share accommodation with other international students
o I prefer to share accommodation with German students
o I prefer to share accommodation with fellow students from my home country
o I can afford no more than ….Euro for accommodation
o I will travel to Deggendorf by car. It is not important for my accommodation to be in the city centre or near the university, thus accommodation may be cheaper.

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