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Enrolment at the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences

The registration process will begin after you arrive in Deggendorf. Before you start your studies at the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, you will have to register formally for the study course for which you have been accepted.
Registration of new students will take place the week before the start of the semester. This is especially binding for those who want to enrol for the full-time study programme. You will find the exact date, time and place on the confirmation letter that you receive from the university.
The Admissions and Enrolment Office (“Studentensekretariat”) is situated in the building B on the ground floor, the offices are B009 and B010.

To enrol at UAS Deggendorf, you will need the following:

o the confirmation letter of your application
o passport
o 2 passport size photographs
o confirmation of health insurance
(see Various Information - Health insurance)
o confirmation about the payment to the “Studentenwerk” (85 EUR at present)
In general, German universities do not charge tuition or course fees. However, all students are required to contribute to the upkeep for student facilities such as the mensa, sports grounds etc. At present, this student activity fee (which cannot be waived) is 85 Euro (composed of the fee for the student union of 35 Euro and the administrative fee of 50 Euro).

When you are registered you will get your matriculation number (“Immatrikulationsbescheinigung”) and a valid student ID card. This student ID card is very useful, because it provides you discounts at several German museums or even the German railway system (“Deutsche Bahn”). The matriculation number is requested in some situations like for instance if you apply for German health insurance, or a German bank account.

Your registration is valid for just one semester.


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