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Since January 1, 2002 the currency used in Finland is EURO. Common credit cards are widely accepted. Value Added Tax (8-22 %) is included in everything from clothing to hotels and restaurants.

Bank account
Banks are usually open Monday-Friday from 9.30 to 16.30. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are closed.
There are several different types of accounts available, two of which are most practical for students: the service account (current account/käyttötili) and the savings account (säästötili).
Since all financial transactions (paying bills, receiving salary, etc.) take place through banks, it is most practical to open an account.
Compare the service packages offered before opening an account. Although there is a fee for a service account, it is nevertheless the cheapest and the easiest way to take care of your finances.
When you open a bank account, remember to have your passport with you. Along with your service account, you will also get a cash card (automaattikortti) which enables you to withdraw money from any cash dispenser (pankkiautomaatti) 24 hours a day. Cash machines are usually called ‘Otto’. Most banks also have special self-service payment machines (maksuautomaatti) through which you can pay bills anytime with your cash card.
Credit cards are also widely accepted in Finland. The rates of exchange are the same in all Finnish banks and it is worth changing large amounts at a time, to avoid service charges. Therefore having a bank account where you can deposit your money is advisable.

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