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Arriving in Lithuania
Getting around

Arriving in Lithuania:

Vilnius Airport (or oro uostas in Lithuanian) is just 5 kilometres from the city centre. Taxis art the best option to get the centre. The trip will take about 10 minutes and should never cost more than 20 litas (€6). Avoid the hagglers outside the main arrival hall, they are safe but pricy! The taxi stands are right outside the arrival hall of the airport.
If your budget is tight, buy a phone card, order a taxi by phoning to 1446, this could cut your costs in half.
If you don’t have much luggage, you can also take the bus n°2, buy a ticket for about 3 litai from the driver of from a kiosk inside the arrival hall. This bus goes the Hotel Centrum, down the hill to the central Lukiskiu Square and then across the river past the hulking Lietuva Hotel. The same bus goes through the school. You have to get off at the bus stop Ciurlionio and go along Basanaviciaus street. The school is near the church with the green roof. From the bus stop it takes 2 minutes on foot to reach the school. The school is four-storey yellow building.


Getting around: 

The public transport means in Vilnius are: buses, trolleybuses and minibuses.

If you go by bus or trolleybus, one-way ticket costs around 2 lt (if you purchase from any kiosk) and 2.50 lt (from the driver). The fine for no ticket is around 20 lt.
On a normal working day, 252 trolleybuses and 220 buses follow 18 trolleybus routes and 60 bus routes. On holidays, 113 trolleybuses and 104 buses respectively.
Generally, they start to run from 5 am until 11 pm, but some run later.
Fixed-term tickets for buses and trolleybuses are also available. One day ticket (24 hours) costs 4 lt, three days (72 hours) 10 litas and ten days 20 litas. These tickets are to be sold in pavilion tickets for Vilnius urban transport (address: Geležinkelio str. 16, close to railway station). Time and date will be stamped on the tickets at the moment of selling, so you do not need to punch them in vehicles. Tickets are valid for the time (number of hours) indicated on the first side.
Monthly tickets for buses or trolleybuses are available at little kiosk at the bus-stop. The prices can vary. The monthly ticket to go by trolleybus or by bus on working days costs 35 lt. For an daily ticket, it will cost 40 lt. If you want to go daily, both with trolleybuses and busses, the ticket will cost 60 lt. Fine for no ticket 20 lt.
A monthly ticket with student cards both for trolleybuses and busses for all days costs 12 lt.

For timetables of public transport, ticket prices and other necessary information, please visit (in English).


Minibuses are more comfortable than busses or trolleybuses. You need to pay 3 litas to the driver as you get in and if you want to get out ask the driver to stop. In order to get in, you can stop the minibus by raising your hand.

We recommend you always to call for taxi, rather than picking one up at a stand. This way you will be sure to get a meter and a fair rate. Generally, a ride will cost 1.30 + 1.00 to 2.50 lt/km. Prices are higher at night.

Here are some phone numbers of taxi services:
+37 (0) 5 244 44 44
+37 (0) 5 2705 705
+37 (0) 5 233 33 33
+37 (0) 5 213 23 23
+37 (0) 5 240 00 04
8-800-277 77 (free call)

NOTE: Every year the prices for public transportation can be different. Mostly they rise from year to year.

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