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Academy of Management & Business does not have a dormitory, but there are other possibilities for accommodation in Vilnius.

You are always welcome at the International Office with all your questions, requirements and wishes. The staff guarantees information, advice and assistance for all possible aspects of student life: practical information, financial questions, emotional and relationship problems, social-legal topics, sports and cultural activities, etc.
If you wish the Academy to look for a room or studio for you, or if you have specific questions concerning accommodation, please contact:

 Rūta Vyšniauskienė

International Coordinator

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

1. The accommodation services (real estate agencies)
Your accommodation can be arranged by real estate agencies. They will help you to find a suitable place where you can stay during your Erasmus period. You will be offered a number of furnished flats. You will have to pay the rent plus the taxes for heating, water, electricity, etc.

Please contact the accommodation services for more information.
o Real Estate agency of Būsto erdvė

Important remarks:
o If you want your flat to be arranged by accommodation service Real Estate agency "Būsto erdvė", you have to be ready to pay for their services. The agency will help you to find a flat, if you pay 500 litas (150 EURO) for their services. If you are going to share one flat with a roommate, this sum will be divided for two people.
o The international Office Coordinator, Ruta, will check the flat, to see if it meets your requirements.
o In order to reserve a flat for you, you will have to send a deposit. The deposit for the flat is approximately 500 litas (150 EURO). The sum may vary. The deposit will be returned at the end of  the rent period if you did not damage the furniture, etc.
o When you arrive, you have to be ready to pay the rent for two months in advance or for the whole period of stay. Once paid the deposit, no changes can be made. If you make changes, this will have financial consequences. 
o In the rent for the flat, the taxes for heating electricity, gas, water, other services, etc. are not included. So the student has to pay the rent plus the taxes for other services such as heating, electricity, gas, etc. The payment then depends on how much electricity, water, etc were used.
o The rent for a one room furnished flat approximately 1200 litas (around 350 EURO) plus around 300 litas (around 90 EURO) for the taxes in winter.
o The rent for a two room furnished flat is approximately 1500 litas (around 440 EURO) plus around 400 litas (around 120 EURO) for the taxes in winter.
o Note: In a two room furnished flat two people can live and then they can divide the rent for the flat (around 440 EURO) and the taxes (around 120 EURO) for heating, electricity, etc. for two people.
o The rent in the centre or near Vilnius Management Academy is higher than in other districts.
o It is cheaper to rent a two rooms furnished flat and share it with your roommate. Then the rent and the taxes can be divided for two people.
 Academy the library is open from Monday to Saturday and there you can use the Internet for free.

2. Looking for accommodation in a private market on your own:

If you want to find a flat on your own in a private sector, please visit these websites. However, these pages are only in the Lithuanian language.

If you want to share a flat, you can try to find a roommate by contacting students through email or put a message on the RIBA forum!

3. Staying at youth hostels "GILE" which near the school:


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