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Internet facilities

Internet facilities:

Faculty of Business has three computer laboratories that are configured by high capacity hardware and software aimed at developing and administering educational material. Many of the lessons in the Faculty are supported by computer and related application tools, so students can improve themselves by using special software and searching any subject in the laboratories.
The University also provides online libraries and many internet services that can be interesting research tools for the students. Furthermore, students can get free email service from the Faculty of Business and can also purchase a dial-up internet service that enables them to access the internet.

There are also many internet saloons in Izmir. Using the internet will cost you about €0,70 per hour.


University central library provides information and loan services to students at Kaynaklar Campus in Buca. In addition, every school and institute runs separate and specific collections of books individually.
Faculty of Business also has its own library. The library houses current volumes, documents, periodicals books and a reading area.
In total, there are 14 libraries in the university. The libraries’ stock of 245.000 volumes and subscription to 1115 periodicals provide resources for the undergraduate and graduate course requirements.
Libraries have internet access and subscribed to CD-ROM data bases in various subjects 2700 full text periodicals, abstracts of articles in 6000 reviews, contents of 1400 periodicals and EBSCO Host Line.
Books not available at the library can be obtained through the other university libraries.


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